Trees are in bloom, birds are chirping, and houses are being cleaned from the winter and various other reasons. So how about time to clean your tax closet?

Unfiled returns? Time to finally buckle down and get them filed.

Mistakes made during the last season? Or perhaps you want to talk to someone about something you remembered after you filed your return? A business expense omitted? A 1099 issued after you filed? Time to fix the mistakes.

Perhaps you just want to get rid of old paperwork. Generally, there is a 3 year statute on records. You need to keep all records going back to 2012. Prior to that, you should keep major records going back a few more years- W-2s, 1099’s, but you can dispose of receipts or bank statements legally. (an exception is made for fraud.. if you feel that income went unreported, don’t throw out anything). Your actual 1040’s, retirement information, social security records, stock purchases- keep the records longer than that.

Feel free to inquire if there is any lingering issues. Send us an email. Time for refreshment and renewal, including your mind of any and all lingering tax issues!