People ask me “why can’t I prepare taxes on my own, or use a discount preparer… and save a little cash?”

Here is an example that is a case in point, of a client that just came into my office today. She is an employee of a large company and is not being advised on how to best leverage her deductions. While in the middle of preparing her own return, she saw one of my FaceBook posts, that led her to my standing offer to review ANYONE’S tax return for FREE.

1. The Overview
This is a woman who uses her car every day for work. She receives a reimbursement from her employer. But, she doesn’t know the law… it turns out, she is getting a reimbursement from a “non-accountable plan”, which is a reimbursement whereby all the funds are taxed. In short, she is paying taxes on all her reimbursements. She believes they are deducting the car, but she is wrong. She has over 20,000 in deductions coming to her, and over 5,000 in refunds. Thats just THIS year. We have returns we can amend and get back prior years reimbursements.

2. Fast Track to Neverland
Turbo Tax, H&R Block,  Jackson-Hewitt, Liberty Tax Service, and all these crazy companies advertise their software so you can “save” – – – 100 or 200 or even 300 in accounting fees! WOW!!! Just think of the money! Instead, MANY people pay HUNDREDS or THOUSANDS more than they should, by not using a professional, and worse yet, they get shoddy work done by recently trained bookkeepers.

3. My Standing Offer
This client saved a ton of money just by bringing in her paperwork and letting me look at her return… FREE of charge. Bring in your returns and I will tell you if there is anything or nothing that I can do. If I can help, I will charge you my reasonable rates. Is that a deal?

I look over all my clients work. I find crazy things. Real estate taxes without a homeowners exemption, where just that simple instruction can save someone at LEAST a thousand. Does that compare to the extra couple hundred you pay for my services? What about donations? I give you ways to think carefully and cleverly about your taxes, have you understand the governments intent for deduction. You cant read this in a book.

I am excellent at what I do. Meet with me, at no charge. Talk to me. See what I can do for you. in many cases, nothing, and we can part ways. But if I accomplish something that you never thought of, let me be your accountant for a long time. Thats my JOB. Thats what I do, what I take joy and pride in. Do yourself a favor. Don’t keep worrying if you have done it right. Come see me, you will KNOW that it is being done right. I stand behind my work with a full guarantee.