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1040… I just don’t know…

I don’t want to (or don’t have the money to) file my 1040. Whats the worst that can happen?
Some of you think along these lines. There are ramifications to all decisions you make. Lets examine this decision.

If you choose not to file…You leave open the statute of limitations, which is an automatic 3 year period […]

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There is no easy button…

An open letter from a professional accountant about
“The Value of Professional Relationships”

I value my relationships. Not only my personal relationships, but my professional relationships as well. I have been seeing the same doctor for 30 years, the same dentist for 40 years, and some medical professionals forever. I have the same lawyer who made up […]

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Best Tax Law in YEARS

In 2015  an incredibly advantageous tax law pertaining to capital asset deductions was introduced…  and yet it slipped by virtually unnoticed.

In late November, The IRS passed a new law to raise the capitalization requirement (so called “de minimis” rule) for assets used in business, from a level of $500 to $2500.
To some people, this has no major […]

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