An open letter from a professional accountant about
“The Value of Professional Relationships”


I value my relationships. Not only my personal relationships, but my professional relationships as well. I have been seeing the same doctor for 30 years, the same dentist for 40 years, and some medical professionals forever. I have the same lawyer who made up my will over 10 years ago.


I could have gone to LegalZoom and pushed the easy button for $200 and did the will myself – Who would attempt to prepare something of this magnitude online? I would think NOBODY, but as I have been finding out, there is a new generation who cares far less about hands-on, personal professional treatment; they only care about convenience and how to get their service as cheap as possible.

I don’t know how you feel in today’s society, but this approach to professional services isn’t my world. Most Gen X-ers and Millennials look for the most expeditious route to getting their hair cut, their teeth cleaned, and their taxes done. Whoever is convenient. I do not feel like this, nor do my contemporaries.

When I have a car problem, I call MY mechanic. Not A Mechanic. But MY mechanic that I TRUST. When my sink gets clogged, I call MY plumber, who calls me Ken and makes time for me. Why? Because I know he will do his best for me, because I vetted him already. I learned to trust him.

Sure, I make changes. If my landscaper is not performing the way he should, I make a change. Or my window guy. But when I encounter electrical problems that I can’t solve with an extension cord, I call Mike, MY electrician, because I trust Mike. He comes over and tells me like it is. Sometimes I get a small bill, sometimes I get a big bill, but in the end I trust him and I know that the work is quality, guaranteed and backed by a man with a solid reputation… Mike, MY electrician.

I value my relationships – PERIOD.

I’m not just a tax preparer, or just a tax guy, Im not even just a CPA (even though I am). I’m JUST Ken. Ken the guy you can trust. Ken who you can talk to, to tell me financial woes, or if you need financial planning assistance. I am Ken who will tell you if your taxes are complicated or if you can do them yourself. Ken who will be happy to take the shoebox of receipts from you and will sort it all out. I am THAT GUY who will teach you to create a spreadsheet, fill out an organizer, or prepare completed quickbooks reports if thats what suits you.

I am Ken who handles a young professional early in their career, small business entrepreneurs, and the couple 10 years deep into retirement.

I am Ken who deals with heaps of forms, papers and shred-worthy materials who will organize them. I am Ken who will handhold you through a difficult process or merely train you if that is what you wish. Through it all, I am patient with people who can’t admit out loud that they are in fact disorganized and need a little guidance. I am also not afraid to offer praise when a client brings in immaculate well organized financial data.

So when I say I CARE about my people, I CARE. Deeply. I’m full of joy and appreciation when clients or prospective clients come to KPR CPA. There are rare times that prospects leave because they cannot afford my services… most often they stay because they CAN’T afford to leave without my help. I welcome them all.

I welcome you. I want to be YOUR accountant. Your CPA. Your go to guy. The guy you TRUST with your finances and financial problems. I’m not a salesman. Just a caring guy, a very smart guy, who has been preparing taxes as a CPA, a certified public accountant for over 33 years. Give me a chance. I won’t disappoint you.

Ken Rapoport