A professionals thought on the call for politicians to release income tax returns.

When one submits a tax return, it is assumed they have done their best job, to the best of their ability, to present information that is truthful and accurate to the American government, on their income and expenses. The predominant assumption is that they don’t expect it to be challenged. If it is challenged for whatever reason, ie an audit, then it is because a mistake was made, or there was willful or intentional misrepresentation on the part of the individual to present facts.

An individual running for public office is assumed to be truthful; they are required to release income tax returns. What is there to hide? From the moment the return is filed, the moment it is placed in the mail or electronically filed, it is assumed to represent the financial picture of the individual.

Therefore, saying one must wait until “an audit is complete” is simply a red herring, meant to withhold public scrutiny of their already admitted-to best representation.

If during the audit, an error is uncovered, the public could be directed that there was an error in filing. If it is intentional disregard of the law, that should be brought to the publics attention. In all cases, the public has a right to know what was filed. The point being that an audit is not an “excuse” to wait. The excuse is a game and leads one to question what is purposely being hidden. Otherwise, there is no reason under any circumstances, not to review what has already been submitted to the government as an individuals best representation of their income.