The law of the land, beginning in 2014, is that EVERY individual is required to carry minimal healthcare insurance coverage without exception… Or ARE there exceptions?

YES! There are…

These are just some of the ways you can avoid having to be covered under the new Obamacare tax requirements. The following 11 ways are legally considered to be hardship exceptions for being required to be covered under health insurance for 2015.

  1. Becoming homeless
  2. Being evicted within the past 6 months or facing eviction or foreclosure
  3. Receiving a shutoff notice from a utility
  4. Recently experiencing domestic violence
  5. Recently experiencing the death of a close family member
  6. Recently experiencing fire, flood, or other natural or human disaster resulting in damage to the individual’s property
  7. Filing bankruptcy within the last six months
  8. Incurring unreimbursed medical expense in the past 24 months which resulted in substantial debt
  9. Experiencing unexpected increases in essential expenses as the result of caring for an ill, disabled, or aged family member
  10. Being the person responsible for providing medical support for a child who is determined ineligible for Medicaid or CHIP, but not being bale to claim the child as a dependent because of court order
  11. As a result of an eligibility appeals decision, being determined eligible to enroll in a QHP, eligible for advance payments of the Premium Assistance Credit, or eligible for cost sharing reductions for a period of time during which the individual was not enrolled in a QHP through the state marketplace

These 11 are just a start of ways to avoid penalties, there are many other scenarios where we can help you limit your liability and exposure. Contact us TODAY for help in navigating you through these issues.