I haven’t filed this year. In fact, I may not have filed for many years. The IRS may come after me. What can I do?

If you have thoughts like this, there is no need to worry. Ken Rapoport will ease your worries by handling all matters for you. We have over 32 years of experience in working with the IRS and other government agencies, in successfully being able to resolve your concerns.

First Thing: DON’T PANIC, your concept of IRS is probably flawed.
An observation I have made over time is that people create a mindset of who they think the IRS is. They think “I make very little, they are concerning themselves with bigger fish to fry”, or “I’m afraid to start filing because I have fallen off the IRS radar screen, and it’s better to leave well enough alone”. Or “I’m afraid that when the IRS reviews my issues, I’m going to go to jail”. Nothing can be further from the truth. The IRS doesn’t operate in a subjective way that most people think that they do. They operate under a set means of evaluation of taxpayers based upon a specific program, i.e. looking for non-filers, or picking specific returns to examine that have claimed an unusual amount or quantity of deductions. Or returns that have omitted income. Or, there are returns selected at random. But all of this is done by computer. No one is looking at them, it is all automated. Initially.

Next Step: DON’T PANIC, but know your options!
Now these selections could result in a full audit, where you are asked to come in to an IRS office, or you could randomly get called from an agent. (I would never respond to this, but require the IRS to submit any inquiries to you in writing. They HAVE to do this- there are many fraudulent individuals who are looking to scam taxpayers into revealing their personal information based upon their claim of representing the government). Other notices would come by mail, requesting further documentation or clarification. The important step is have someone independently review the situation that can best advise you.

Final Step: DON’T PANIC, and definitely DON’T blindly send in a check until you consult a CPA.
Recently, the IRS has been running a program to induce taxpayers to mail checks, and many do so because the belief is that if they are not requesting a lot, it’s easier just to send it than to fight it. I would encourage you not to fall into this faulty logic trap. The fact is that overwhelmingly, most IRS notices are just WRONG. There was either a misstated fact or an error on the IRS part. And if you, the taxpayer, neglected an item, it should be understood that there is a legitimate owing of tax. But you should embrace these facts and not just pay blindly because you received a notice.

Should you receive a notice, I would encourage you not to panic. Knowledge is power. It’s best to contact us and allow us to explain to you what is taking place, and form a plan to remedy the situation. There is always a solution.

Please contact us to help you through a difficult time and allow us to provide relief.

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